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"Il Cirmolo" Bistrot and Restaurant

A taste of tradition.

The “Il Cirmolo” bistro and restaurant, annexed to the hotel, offers our guests a special discount but is also ideal for anyone looking for a restaurant in the centre of Cortina.

The refined but not too sophisticated furnishings give the restaurant a dual nature: in the evening it has a “certain look” with candle-lit tables and a romantic atmosphere; the à la carte menu offers delicious dishes of Italian and international cuisine with special emphasis on the traditional fare of the Ampezzo area and the Dolomites.

By day the restaurant takes on the lighter aspect of Snack Bar and Bistro. Excellent cocktails, alcoholic drinks and soft drinks, as many as 36 types of  international beers and an ample selection of leaf teas and infusions are served over the counter, at the tables or on the panoramic terrace.